Tooth Extractions Can Help Preserve Your Oral Health

At Planes Dental Arts in Port St. Lucie, we understand that tooth extractions can be necessary for several reasons, and should you or someone you love require the removal of one or more teeth, our team is here to help.

Why do teeth sometimes need to be extracted?

Teeth may need to be extracted if they are severely damaged or decayed, if there’s an infection in the gums that cannot be treated, if overcrowding is an issue, and if they are preventing other teeth from growing in properly during orthodontic treatment. Tooth extraction in Port St. Lucie is crucial for maintaining overall oral health and ensuring proper alignment.

What benefits are associated with tooth extraction in Port St Lucie?

Family dentistry in Port St. Lucie not only assists in preserving a patient’s oral health by alleviating discomfort, infections, and overcrowding but also plays a crucial role in maintaining their teeth alignment. This alignment aids in more effective chewing and facilitates simpler cleaning procedures.

How should patients care for their mouths following an extraction procedure?

First and foremost, it’s important to follow our instructions for post-operative care. These include eating only soft foods for the first few days after your appointment; rinsing your mouth with salt water; applying a cold compress to the area; taking medications as prescribed; and avoiding strenuous activities.

At Planes Dental Arts, we are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about your oral health. Contact us today to learn more about tooth extraction in Port St Lucie and how they can help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile!

Tooth Extraction

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  • Eradicate dental pain caused by a significantly decayed or impacted tooth
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