Protect Your Smile With Gum Disease & Periodontal Care

At Planes Dental Arts in Port St. Lucie, our team of experienced dentists understands the importance of gum health and we’re focused on providing comprehensive treatments and preventive services that are tailored to your individual needs.

What is gum/periodontal disease?

Gum disease happens when bacteria build up and slowly damage the gums and soft tissue that support your teeth. Initially known as gingivitis, over time, gum disease can cause painful swelling and bleeding of the gums. Left untreated, it can lead to periodontitis, which affects not just the gums but also the bone and tissue surrounding teeth, causing them to loosen and fall out.

Why is gum/periodontal care so important?

Periodontal care is essential to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Regular treatment can help prevent or slow the progression of gum disease and its associated complications. Additionally, regular visits to our office can help you identify the early signs of gum disease, so that treatment can be started quickly to prevent short- and long-term issues.

What treatments and procedures are associated with gum/periodontal care?

Our team offers a range of treatments and procedures designed to combat gum disease, including scaling and root planing deep cleanings, laser therapy, antibiotics, and more.

Who should seek periodontal care?

Anyone who is concerned about or suspects they have gum disease should visit us right away for a checkup and appropriate treatments. Our team will provide you with personalized care specific to your individual needs.

Take the first step toward improving your oral health and contact Planes Dental Arts about our gum disease/periodontal care services today. We look forward to helping you protect your smile!

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