Strengthen A Damaged Tooth With A Dental Crown

At Planes Dental Arts in Port St. Lucie, we know that dental crowns can provide excellent protection for weakened or damaged teeth. If you suspect one or more of your teeth would benefit from restoration, or if you have questions about what’s involved with placing a dental crown, call us today!

What benefits do dental crowns offer?

In addition to helping repair and restore a damaged tooth, dental crowns can help protect your underlying tooth structure from further decay, as well as provide strength and stability to your bite. In addition, a crown can improve the appearance of your smile by masking discolorations and reshaping a misshapen tooth.

How is a dental crown placed?

Our dental experts will start by assessing the condition of your tooth to determine the best course of treatment. We may use X-ray imaging to get a better view of any damage or decay before preparing the area for the crown by trimming minimal amounts of enamel and/or contouring the tooth structure. An impression will then be taken to ensure a comfortable fit.

While your permanent crown is being created, we’ll cover your tooth with a temporary restoration, and we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment to test your final crown’s fit before securing it in place.

Who can benefit from a dental crown?

Dental crowns are recommended for patients who have significantly damaged or decayed teeth. They can also be used to restore teeth that are broken or cracked, and to support teeth that have been weakened by wear and tear.

If you suspect you may benefit from a dental crown or have any questions about this restoration, contact Planes Dental Arts today!

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  • Repair and restore damaged teeth
  • Protect underlying tooth structure
  • Improve your chewing function
  • Strengthen your oral health
  • Boost your smiling & speaking confidence!
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